Investing in the future

GMA is committed to a connected world in which people have agency, wellbeing and purpose to build a brighter future for mankind. GMA provides the essential resources for people to thrive.


Investing in sustainable growth

Finance and Investment

Finance and investment are two of the main activities that GMA engages in to support its vision of a connected world. GMA provides trade finance and credit insurance to facilitate international trade and commerce. GMA also invests in growth-oriented companies and projects that align with its values and goals. GMA offers M&A advisory and angel investment services to help entrepreneurs and innovators achieve their potential. GMA has a diverse portfolio of investments across various industries, such as energy, healthcare, technology, entertainment, and real estate. You can learn more about GMA’s finance and investment activities by scheduling a face-to-face meeting or a call with one of our account managers.

Trade Finance and credit insurance

Growth investment


Angel investment

Project finance

In what Industries can you find us?


GMA supplies food commodities in bulk or branded. We invest in sustainable farming solutions and support research.


A basic necessity for growth, we all need abundant energy. Renewables are an important cornerstone of our energy future.


Health is a first necessity for human flourishing. GMA supplies international healthcare providers with quality products.


Being at the forefront of technology aids GMA in its goal to lead the world in efficient supply chains.


Sports, gaming and new media are key growth areas and an ideal vehicle to reach audiences far and wide.

Real estate and Construction

Commercial and residential projects with the latest innovative materials and construction methods are changing the fundamentals.

The cornerstone of our approach

Efficient, data driven supply chain management

Supply chains are changing rapidly. GMA adopts latest technological advancements like AI, decentralization and localization to prepare its clients for any contingency and disruption. No house of cards, anti-fragile distributed networks instead.

  • Anti-fragile to disruptions
  • One node fails, others take over
  • Long term efficiency
  • Global reach
  • Key deregulated hubs
  • Speed

Projects on our radar

Solar: Part of the solution for one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Solar in the desert will give the region a sustainable energy and water source.

Sahara: solar desalination, energy production and irrigation enable growing biomass in the most arid regions of the world.

Healthcare: providing trusted healthcare solutions is crucial in lifting up communities and enable connection to a healthy economic life.

Future farming: to cater to an ever urbanizing planet and to avoid loss of nature, new solutions like vertical farming can provide a solution.

Our brand portfolio

Sustainable Energy

ECOZEN ENERGY provides turnkey energy solutions like solar, thermal and wind to a global network of distributors. They work with public and private entities to equip a few of the largest projects in the world. Please visit the Voltixor website for more information.

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Farm to fork

Fumi Food has a broad assortment of high quality produce, proteins, fruit and more. With recognized retail brands or OEM availability. Fumi works closely with organizations involved in mitigating food shortages mainly in sub-Sahara Africa.

Medical Supplies

Zetahealth grew as a medical supplies provider of choice for health services in UK, Ireland, USA, Denmark, Germany and others. Working on the frontlines of the pandemic allowed Zetahealth to use its resources and global supply network to reach disrupted or remote areas to provide essential supplies.

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Metaverse Supply Chain Solutions

Metaverse SCS works with the latest technological advancements to build effective, and decentralized supply chains.

Its ultimate mission: distributed manufacturing and design accessible anywhere by anyone.

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Transforming the gaming industry

Transforming the gaming industry through design innovation, and technology.

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Investment and finance

GMA is committed to a connected world in which people have agency, wellbeing and purpose to build a brighter future for mankind. GMA provides the essential resources for people to thrive.

Connecting the world, connecting people